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We work with coastal communities to survey their coastlines and channels on an annual basis to monitor the health of the beach. We aim to find a deeper understanding of the barrier island, coastal inlet, and coastal waterway geological mechanisms on a seasonal and annual basis. This understanding leads to expert recommendations in best beach nourishment practices as well as a FEMA certified engineered beach accreditation.  Our monitoring program quantifies volumetric losses through sediment accretion and erosion along with channel depths over time.

With the introduction of our Monitoring program – starting with Topsail Beach in 2011 – Our  team creates action plans to maintain beaches and waterways under the FEMA Engineered Beach standards in an environmentally sustainable and affordable manner.  Additionally through our monitoring program we provide vibracore sand searching analysis, QCM and SSHO services, storm histories and preparation recommendations.

Our clients include: Figure 8 Island, NC, Oak Island, NC, and Topsail Beach, NC — which has received national recognition as “Best Beach in America”.

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