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Jefferson Canoy has more than 12 years of experience performing survey work for local and federal beach and channel maintenance projects across the eastern seaboard.  Jeff is a native to North Carolina and spent most of his years fishing offshore and along the waterways around his family’s beach home in Topsail Beach, NC.  Jeff leads our hydrographic and land-based surveying operations.  In 2018 Jeff was made a managing partner after he established his Professional Licensed Surveyor accreditation - earning licenses in North Carolina and Florida.  Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in Geomatics from NC A&T and a bachelor’s degree in History from UNC Wilmington giving him a versatile skill set that helps to ensure accurate surveys and efficient production of final products.  Jeff is a crucial part of the TI Coastal family and enjoys every aspect of coastal surveying and engineering.  His leadership is pivotal in supporting TI Coastal’s positive work culture.

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