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LiDAR Surveys

In addition to the underwater capabilities, TI Coastal can provide high resolution surveys above the water surface using the latest LiDAR technology.  LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) utilizes lasers to accurately measure distances and shapes of objects nearby. When coupled with RTK GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit, a 3-dimensional point cloud is created showing surrounding objects and ground conditions. This can be used in conjunction with the hydrographic survey methods or as a stand-alone method.

When used in tandem with the multibeam sonar, it is possible to create a seamless 3-D model from the seafloor to the upland portion of the survey areas. This is very useful for seawalls, rock jetties or groins, and other areas where exposed obstructions are present.  

LIDAR technology is also very useful as a stand-alone method providing high precision survey coverage of upland areas in a short amount of time. This can be used to quickly measure ground conditions of beaches and dune systems before and after storms, as well as many other applications. 

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