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Abram Lambertson grew up on the Delaware coast, constantly spending his free time on beaches and boats out on the water.  Abram moved down to Wilmington, North Carolina to attend UNC Wilmington where he graduated with a BS in Environmental Science in 2001.  Abram has worked in the coastal engineering and hydrographic field for the past 20 years.  He is a USCG licensed captain and has navigated all types of waters, from open-ocean to inland coastal environments using a plethora of hydrographic survey technologies.  From layouts and designs of spoil islands, to dredge support for major navigation projects, Abram’s ability to problem solve while on the water and in the office with precision and accuracy is unparalleled.  TI Coastal was formed in 2013 with Abram as a founding partner, where he sits at the helm of field operations.  He oversees all projects from start to finish, from the configuration and application of field technology, to office modeling and drafting preparations for clients. Abram is the bedrock of TI Coastal.

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