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Utilizing state of the art equipment, TI Coastal can provide an extremely high-resolution image of the seafloor through a multibeam bathymetric survey. This technology allows for virtually 100% coverage of an area and is capable of tracking minute changes within the project area, enabling accurate three-dimensional renderings of the seafloor.

While single beam surveys produce soundings only along specified lines, multibeam surveys produce a swath covering multiple areas simultaneously providing a dense grid of soundings. This grid can then be used to accurately model the entire bottom of the survey area allowing for identification of obstructions and/or other anomalies that might go un-noticed in a single beam survey.  Multibeam sonar has the capability to ‘look’ to the side of the vessel, thus making it especially useful in surveying around existing structures such as bridge trusses, jetties, seawalls and piers.  

The dense grid of data can be transformed into various products tailored to the client’s needs.  A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) can be generated to model the survey area and used to produce bathymetric maps, contour maps and, in cases of multiple surveys, isopach maps showing depth changes over time. Final products take all shapes and sizes and will be customized to each individual need. 

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