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We work with coastal communities to survey their coastlines and channels on an annual basis to monitor the health of the beach.

We have an extensive background in surveying marinas in coastal and freshwater environments using hydrographic and land surveying. 

Either stand alone or used in with hydrographic surveys, topographic surveys support our engineering, dredging, and monitoring projects. 


Single-beam bathymetric surveys are provided by experienced TI Coastal staff to quickly and accurately provide cross sectional profiles of channels, marinas, and ocean shorelines.

TI Coastal can provide an extremely high-resolution image of the seafloor through a multibeam bathymetric survey– allowing for 100% coverage of an area capable of tracking minute changes in conditions.

Using the same transducer, both high and low frequencies are gathered simultaneously providing more information on bottom type as well as depth. 


We survey model and analyze disposal islands up and down the east coast along barrier islands and the AIWW.  

We work closely with large and small dredge companies to be “the eyes” of the entire dredge project through our precise survey work. 

Imaging the sea floor with a sidescan-sonar system is accomplished by towing a sonar “tow-fish” over the study area. 


We have a USACE-certified sediment analysis lab along with an AASHTO certification. 

Freshwater bodies such as lakes rivers and dams are surveyed just as well with our equipment. 

Utilizing a magnetometer tow fish gives us the ability to provide archaeological investigations, track dredge pipelines, steel debris, lost anchors, and dredge cutter heads. 

Our team consists of licensed, Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, and Professional Land Surveyors, with a depth of talent from our senior team through our new recruits.

In addition to the underwater capabilities, TI Coastal can provide high resolution surveys above the water surface using the latest LIDAR technology. 



Founded in 2013, TI Coastal is an engineering firm specializing in coastal engineering, professional land surveying, near-shore hydrographic surveying, and coastal geology/geomorphology.


With over 50 years combined of experience, and well over 100 coastal construction projects under our belt, we pride ourselves in providing personalized service to the dredging, coastal and beach communities.



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Please call 910-821-1358 with any questions or to discuss your project needs. 

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To apply for a job with TI Coastal Services, Inc., please send a cover letter together with your resume to: info@ticoastal.com

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